• Spectades named as a Certified OpenCAD Partner by CAD Service

Spectades has recently been named as a certified OpenCAD partner in Europe by CAD Service. The partnership between the two organizations allows the teams to deliver cutting-edge solutions to Infor EAM customers that utilize CAD Service’s OpenCAD technology.

OpenCAD was developed by CAD Service as an Infor Solution Partner. It is an add-on application that is integrated into Infor EAM and helps organizations increase and manage the visibility of their assets, work, and parts in computer-aided design (CAD) formats. OpenCAD allows users to view assets through the OpenCAD interface within the Infor EAM application without the need to run separate graphical software. This enables users to save time, improve processes, and boost the effectiveness of Infor EAM as they can see their assets in a graphical view in addition to the traditional tabular view.

Spectades has its headquarters in Den Briel, the Netherlands and it is the Infor EAM Partner in Europe that supports all manner of services throughout the lifetime of Infor EAM. Customers can also benefit from implementations, configuration of advanced modules or Managed Services for extra support.

Infor EAM and OpenCAD enable users to easily see each important aspect of their organization as part of a wider asset management strategy. This integration improves the efficiency of tracking and locating asset usage and the associated work and streamlines the visualization of work areas and sourcing information. It provides greater visibility which also increases reliability, reduces costs, lowers energy consumption and supports regulatory compliance.

“Our partnership with CAD Service stems from a long-lasting relationship between both companies and with OpenCAD. It completes our portfolio for delivering solutions and highly skilled services that provide added value for our customers” said Jan Doorduin, Founding Partner at Spectades.

“Having Spectades as our partner for Europe means we are working with the market experts for Infor EAM” said Giuseppe Delmonte, Founder and CEO of CAD Service. Following Giuseppe’s quote “this OpenCAD partnership enables us to ensure that customers receive the services and support they need so they can get the most value out of Infor EAM.  Therefore, we are proud to present Spectades as our OpenCAD Certified Partner.”