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Spectades Asset Information & Maintenance overview

Get information and current data in HxGN EAM on all your Assets at a glance with the Spectades Asset Information & Maintenance overview.

Managers who keep data in the HxGN EAM Cloudsuite environment about maintenance activities to assets (terminals, machines, warehouses, etc.) want to be able to view their asset-related data and information without wasting time and effort.

That’s why the Spectades team has developed the Asset Information & Maintenance (AIM) summary for HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) users. The summary rapidly and simply displays data on a single screen for every level of the object structure. This solution allows you to view the status of maintenance schedules, work orders and object information on one summary page. It can save Asset managers a lot of time as they no longer need to go through various screens. In addition, it makes creating maintenance schedules a lot more efficient.

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It enables any information from all required levels of the object structure to be compared.
The Spectades Asset Information & Maintenance summary makes it simpler to inspect work schedules for preventative and planned maintenance. Among other things, this insight prevents the need for unexpected repairs to assets. For instance, preventative maintenance activities ensure that machines stand still for less time and have a longer operating life, which increases the productivity of your company.


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The Spectades Asset Information & Maintenance summary can be integrated directly into the HxGN EAM environment. This means that no extra services, external databases or anything else are needed to use the summary. Spectades’ consultant Maurice Lapré has made a video with a demonstration of the Spectades Asset Information & Maintenance overview. Register now and we will send you the YouTube link. In a no-obligation consultation we can give you information on how to add the AIM summary to your HxGN EAM environment.

HxGN CloudSuite™ EAM

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