Infor EAM in the cloud

Infor EAM in the cloud

Almost all companies these days choose Infor EAM in the cloud compared to an on-premises installations, and there are numerous good reasons for doing this. For instance, your installation of Infor EAM is always up to date, so you always have the latest functions. Furthermore, you save on the capital expenditure for keeping your asset management solution running. This enables you to save a lot a lot of money on software, licences, hardware and IT support. 

9 reasons to make the move to Infor EAM in the cloud.

Focus on asset management

By choosing an SaaS solution, organisations can fully concentrate on improving their asset management. You will no longer waste valuable time on keeping the required IT infrastructure up and running. For instance, it allows you to concentrate on finding ways to lower storage costs, increase the effectiveness of your production line, or minimise downtime. 

Why move to the cloud?

We have prepared a white paper to give you a better understanding of the further benefits of moving to an SaaS solution by Infor EAM. In this document, you can read the nine most important reasons why it is better for organisations to choose an SaaS solution by Infor EAM.

You can also contact the Cloudsuite EAM solution manager Mark Jansen or request a no obligation demo

Infor CloudSuite™ EAM

Infor CloudSuite™ EAM is best-in-class asset management software. This software optimises your maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency. Infor CloudSuite™ EAM is a purpose-built asset management software that scales as organisations grow.

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