HxGN EAM implementation

In order to successfully deploy and use the system within your company, it is extremely important that HxGN CloudSuite™ EAM is correctly implemented. The better it is implemented, the greater the efficiency of your maintenance activities will be, and the operating life of your business assets will be extended.  

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Our approach

We use the extensive and advanced functionality of HxGN CloudSuite™ EAM and deploy this to provide maximum support for your business processes. Our approach is based on the traditional waterfall approach, combined with innovative Agile/Lean methods of working. We use this phased waterfall approach with agile iterative methods during the design phase. Its unique advantage is that there is greater focus on the client’s specific situation. 

Why choose Spectades?

Spectades has many specialists who have been working for years with HxGN EAM and who provide a high-quality service. Spectades provides all the support you need throughout the entire CloudSuite™ EAM usage period. Several examples of where clients can make optimum use of this are implementations, configurations of advanced modules or Management Services to support clients with their daily activities.

Are you interested in HxGN CloudSuite™ EAM or consultancy for CloudSuite™ EAM? Please contact Mark Jansen. We will be happy to provide further help with your asset management challenges.

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Mark Jansen

HxGN CloudSuite™ EAM

HxGN CloudSuite™ EAM is best-in-class asset management software. This software optimises your maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency. HxGN CloudSuite™ EAM is a purpose-built asset management software that scales as organisations grow.

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