Creating value

OpenCAD enables you to enhance the value of your investment in your EAM Solution. With OpenCAD, you can immediately see what you need to know about the assets, such as the energy consumption, locations, preventative maintenance and guarantee status. It shows the tabular information from HxGN EAM in a graphical 3D visualisation. Users can save time, improve their processes and further increase the effectiveness of HxGN EAM because they can visualize their business assets in a graphical format alongside the conventional tabular format.


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Unprecedented possibilities

OpenCAD is a unique addition to your current HxGN EAM system. It’s pioneering technology lets you optimise your asset management. OpenCAD offers many functions, including Permit to Work Dashboard, Electronic Parts Catalogue, Asset Inventory, and BIM. These functions allow you to manage your assets in a totally new and innovative way. OpenCAD lets users view their business assets in the EAM application through the OpenCAD interface, without the need for separate graphics software.

OpenCAD specialist

Spectades was certified in 2019 as an OpenCAD Partner in Europe by CAD Services. This partnership between the two organisations allows the teams to provide highly advanced solutions to HxGN EAM clients using CAD Services’ OpenCAD technology.

Spectades has its head office in Den Briel in the Netherlands and provides full support in Europe throughout the entire HxGN EAM usage period. Several examples of where clients can make optimum use of this are implementations, configurations of advanced modules or Management Services to support clients with their daily activities.

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