Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite

Achieve cost savings of up to 10% by planning efficiently

From chaos and ad hoc decision-making to systematic, clear and schematic planning. That’s what we had in mind here at Spectades. The Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite helps you efficiently and optimally schedule expensive employees to maintain your business assets (machines and systems, etc.) via work orders that are linked to employees. You are likely to reduce costs as a result, because a systematic approach to the work that presents itself and the scheduling of the right people to attend to it can generate time savings and also cost savings of up to 10%.

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An integrated solution

The Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite solution is an integrated part of HxGN EAM. Planning happens on the basis of a work order, which is entered into the system and records the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of the work to be done. One important advantage the system has to offer when recording a request is that it very quickly shows which people, with which specific qualities, are available to implement a work order. The system is able to do this because it is not necessary to create a separate database; instead, your employees and their availability are transferred from HxGN EAM to the suite. Availability is set as standard at eight hours a day for working days (Monday to Friday inclusive) or for a 24/7 continuous schedule. Although this is usually enough, you will be able to use any work schedules you have defined yourself in a later update too.

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The Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite enables you to professionalise and standardise your work and employee planning. It also helps you gain a better overview of the work to be done and ensure that you schedule the right employees for the job in question. Planning becomes clearer and more user-friendly too. Because planning is easier and faster, you achieve time savings that could generate cost savings of up to 10%.  Would you like to know how the Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite works? Download the whitepaper.

Integrated in HxGN EAM

The Planning & Scheduling Suite is integrated in HxGN EAM, so there is no need to start up a separate application. It also uses a direct link to your environment for reading and writing data, which eliminates the need for an intermediary database and the accompanying synchronisation.

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