Planning and scheduling

Planning & Scheduling

Efficient planning

Schedule your work effortlessly and efficiently in a comprehensive and user-friendly manner using the Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite.

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Resource Management

In addition to clearly showing your work orders and activities, the Planning & Scheduling Suite also gives you insights into how you use your resources. This overview also shows the scheduled work and provides the workload and available capacity of each employee at a glance. It allows you to implement your resource management in a simple and dynamic manner using a user-friendly drag-and-drop system.

No more planning sessions

The Planning & Scheduling Suite does not use planning sessions, which are a frequently heard drawback to other Infor EAM planning options. Changes are stored in the memory and once the changes are selected, they are transferred back to your system. This means that work orders remain open at all times so that they can be processed by other people.


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Rowan Doorduin

Integrated in Infor EAM

The Planning & Scheduling Suite is integrated in Infor EAM, so there is no need to start up a separate application. It also uses a direct link to your environment for reading and writing data, which eliminates the need for an intermediary database and the accompanying synchronisation.

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