New version of the Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite is live

The latest improved version of the Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite went live on the 4th of june. You’ll find that it’s the most efficient planning application in your Infor EAM, because it improves how people are linked to the work to be done even more and has the potential to generate cost savings of up to 10%.

The dashboard in the new version of the Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite is even clearer and links the employees available to scheduled maintenance and any unexpected work that arises (failures, for example). A clear employee availability functionality has been added to the dashboard too. By using the suite, you optimally schedule people to maintain business assets like machines and systems and reduce costs as a result.

Schematic representation
The Planning and Scheduling Suite is based on the well-known Gantt chart set-up (a chart or diagram that is used for planning purposes). It includes time displays and adjustable colour coding that enable you to create a bespoke planning tool. A wide range of filters and search options are possible too. All of this ensures that work orders and activities are displayed clearly and can be linked easily and efficiently to employees in a user-friendly manner. Another advantage is the fact that everything has been integrated into one system (Infor EAM), eliminating the need to switch between systems or applications.

Current work to be done linked to employees
Planning happens on the basis of a work order, which is entered into the system and records the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of the work to be done. One important advantage the system has to offer when recording a request is that it very quickly shows which people, with which specific qualities, are available to implement a work order. The system is able to do this because it is not necessary to create a separate database; instead, your employees and their availability are transferred from Infor EAM to the suite. Availability is set as standard at eight hours a day for working days (Monday to Friday inclusive) or for a 24/7 continuous schedule. Although this is usually enough, you will be able to use any work schedules you have defined yourself in a later update too.

If you would like to know more about the Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite, download the whitepaper via the form below.

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