Live demo Spectades Planning & Scheduling suite | 13 sept

The Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite is intended to make scheduling work orders, work order activities and resources (employees) simple, fast, clear and available to multiple users at the same time. Spectades Planning & Scheduling contributes to the efficient deployment of your staff, for the maintenance of machines, installations and much more.

Spectades Planning & Scheduling is a solution within HxGN EAM.
The Planning Suite is a plug-in that is installed within the HxGN EAM system. The SPS does not need its own servers or database, but retrieves the data directly from the linked HxGN EAM system and also writes it back (when saving) directly. Therefore, no synchronization is required.

To receive a playback of the online live demo by Maurice Lapré to show you the benefits of The Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite fill in your details below. During this video you will get an in-depth look at our Planning Suite integration for HxGN EAM. You will experience all the timesaving benefits of the Spectades Planning & Scheduling Suite. Fill in the form and receive the video link in your email.

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