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Make optimum use of HxGN EAM

The basic HxGN EAM configuration works extremely well and meets the requirements of a large proportion of users. However, you only really use the application’s full potential by adapting the configuration to your specific requirements. As you work with HxGN EAM for longer, you will notice things that can be better configured. Then it is good to look at the possibilities available with an experienced consultant. There are often many more possibilities that you imagine.

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We offer support with day-to-day activities through our service desk. This makes us the ideal partner for companies who are looking for total peace of mind regarding their management organisation.

Easy to scale up

When your organisation grows or goes through other changes, it is good to know that your EAM software can scale with you. HxGN EAM in the cloud is the perfect option for this purpose. HxGN EAM is compatible with various devices, operating systems and screen formats.

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