Spectades becomes part of ROBUR Industry Service Group

We’re very excited to announce that per 21st December 2022 Spectades is part of the ROBUR Group. A company that shares the same values and standards in relation to customers, personnel, partners and entrepreneurship.

As Spectades, we continue to operate independently to support you as a valued customer and partner on a day-to-day basis.
See underneath press release below for more information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jan Doorduin, Ron Wagner, Anil Laldjie, Mark Jansen


>>Press release ROBUR Industry Service Group


Hexagon-EAM-specialist Spectades B.V. joins ROBUR

Munich, 21 December 2022

Enterprise Asset Management specialist Spectades B.V. (Brielle, The Netherlands) becomes part of ROBUR. The group is thus further expanding its leading EAM market position and further rounds out the portfolio for everything to do with digital and industrial transformation in industrial services for the leading industrial and energy companies in Europe.

“We are one of the most established teams in the entire EAM market in Europe and without a doubt the company with the most experience and with the most successful implementations of HxGN EAM” explains Jan Doorduin, one of the managing directors and owners of Spectades B.V. “We operate in Europe in a market that is growing together more and more, so that in recent years we have also been able to get to know RODIAS and their broad Enterprise Asset Management expertise as a valued coopetition partner. This gave rise to the idea of intensified cooperation in a group of companies.” continues Mark Jansen, co-Managing Director for Account Management and Sales of Spectades.

“The Spectades management team has built up an excellent market position and reputation and is therefore a crucial building block for us to make our strategy of a European EAM provider come true,” says Dennis Mausberg, Senior Partner of ROBUR and CEO of the Business Unit Industrial Transformation. “We are looking forward to having Spectades, the HxGN EAM expert in Europe, in the group and to further expanding our teams on this platform together,” adds André Panné from the sister company RODIAS which is already part of ROBUR.

Based on the many years of experience of the company founders (Jan Doorduin, Ron Wagner, Anil Laldjie, Mark Jansen), Spectades has set a benchmark in terms of quality and efficiency in the European EAM consulting landscape. Their in-depth knowledge and expertise, paired with an excellent approach to integrating near and off-shore experts, makes them an example of contemporary, decentralized IT integration services.

“We want to support the industry in the challenges of transformation with our know-how, our experience, and our range of services. Be it about classic industrial services, or especially with the modernization, digitization, and automation of our customers’ systems,” explains Jan-Jörg Müller-Seiler, Managing Partner and CEO of ROBUR. “With Spectades and the experienced management team, we have found the perfect addition to our portfolio and are delighted that Jan and his team have become part of ROBUR and will thus further strengthen the Industrial Transformation business unit. We are already doing more than 1/3 of our turnover in ROBUR by supporting our customers’ digital and industrial transformation and we want to and will continue to grow,” adds Müller-Seiler.

“As an industrial service specialist, ROBUR is constantly striving to expand the group of specialists to include such experts who supplement our portfolio with additional services. With Jan and Mark, we quickly realized that we share a common set of values and the idea of cooperation. We have accordingly consistently then laid the foundations for a common future in ROBUR.” Florian Kopp, co-founder and managing partner of ROBUR, explains this step towards further expansion of the group.

“We still have a lot planned as ROBUR. With the Spectades team, we have laid another building block for the successful international growth of the group and are thus living up to our claim as a leading full-service provider for ecological and industrial change – welcome to the team!” explains Jan-Jörg Müller-Seiler.

About ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH (ROBUR):
Founded in 2015 in response to the ecological change of industries and the changing challenges of high-quality and increasingly digital industrial services, ROBUR now ranks among the top 10 industrial service providers in Germany with sales of over EUR 300 million in 2023 and an established global presence.

Both the financing and the leadership of the group are characterized by partnership and entrepreneurialism. Our member companies benefit from the size and internationality of the group and can leverage sales, capacity utilization and management synergies.

About 3,000 colleagues globally work in the wind, water, energy, industrials and process industries. As expert partners for our customers, we create holistic solutions from the planning and realization to maintenance and operation, to the relocation and decommissioning and support our customers with digital, automation and data-insights solutions in shaping their digital transformation.

The challenges of ecological change are our drive for creating efficient, optimized and holistic solutions for the benefit of our customers, the environment and the future generations.
Spectades is your partner for the successful implementation and optimization of IT maintenance management solutions based on HxGN EAM. The company also develops various plug-ins such as Planning&Scheduling, Beamex calibrations connectors and Spectades implementation accelerators KickStart and Safety for Hexagon’s EAM solution. With a team of 25 specialists and many successful implementations over the past 12 years, SPECTADES is the largest HxGN EAM provider in Europe and rightly proud to be able to call itself an HxGN EAM partner.

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