Your partner for successful implementation and optimisation of Infor EAM

Spectades is your partner for successful implementation and optimisation of Infor EAM. We develop and supply various plug-ins, such as OpenCAD, Beamex and Spectades UpDocs. Our team of 20 specialists and our many successful implementations make us the largest Infor EAM supplier in Europe. We are also rightly proud to call ourselves an Infor EAM partner.

Discover Infor EAM

Why choose Spectades?

Many years’ experience with Infor EAM

Certified specialists

Full service Partner

Optimise your asset management by deploying Infor EAM. You have come to the right place for a successful implementation and efficient alignment with your business processes.

Our solutions

We exclusively use Infor EAM for providing our services. This solution has various plug-ins and options which enable you to expand its functionality.

How can we help?

EAM Consultancy

Spectades provides highly skilled and expert consultancy services for Asset Management.

EAM support

Through our Managed Services we offer a client-specific support agreement that is tailored to your requirements.


Spectades provides various solutions and add-ons for Infor EAM.


Spectades provides a variety of out-of-the box and specific training courses.

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