Save time on the calibration process

Save 50% of your time spent on the end-to-end calibration process​

The Beamex integrated calibration solution with HxGN EAM cuts the steps required to perform and document calibrations down by 50%. This capability saves time and maximizes efficiency, without sacrificing quality. Read in about this feature and how it can helps your organisation saving time and increasing efficiency.  

On this page you can read more information about this simple but powerful module. Do you want to know more about Beamex? Then download the whitepaper.

Start saving time?

Quality Improvements​

Traditional, paper-based calibration processes require 7 steps from start to finish–leaving a lot of opportunity for error. Beamex ICS is not just a product or even a set of products and services, it is a process of performing and managing calibrations in a way that provides efficiency and quality improvements as well as cost-savings.

Start saving time​

In the whitepaper you read more about the solution includes Spectades/Beamex’s Business Bridge Connector, which provides a communication link between the CMX calibration software and HxGN EAM. Calibration work processes can be streamlined and typically eliminate 50% of time spent on the end-to-end calibration process.

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